Hometown Character

Honest, Wholesome, and Environmentally Responsible

The architectural vision for Liberty embraces the historical ideals that American cottage and farmhouse architecture have come to represent: a honest, wholesome, and satisfying design approach, grounded in a sense of the land and its traditions. Liberty’s architecture will draw on the history of cottage and farmhouse styles used throughout California’s North Central Valley with its rich small town history and will re-interpret this character into a more contemporary version to meet the needs of today’s modern California living.

Liberty is committed to architectural excellence by using authentic-looking and sustainable materials, simple forms, and a lively color palette; keep it simple and true. Homes will be more open and will include comfortable porches to support a strong indoor/outdoor lifestyle as well as social connectivity with neighbors. Designed to be environmentally responsible and last for generations, the homes at Liberty will be built to meet or exceed California Title 24 Energy and Green Building Standards.